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The UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge is dedicated to translating its research to inform actionable neighborhood-related policies and programs that contribute to positive social change. We specialize in empirical spatial analysis and emphasizes the study of diversity, differences, and disparities among neighborhoods, and explicitly cover immigrant enclaves, low-income neighborhoods and minority communities.

In response to the current public health crisis and racial climate, we launched the COVID-19 Equity Research Initiative in March 2020 to analyze systemic inequality and the pandemic’s impact on the way we live, work, learn, shop, and socialize. One of the Initiative’s objectives is to produce timely research briefs, publicly accessible data and mapping tools, all to inform public discussion on critical policy issues. The goal is to provide timely insights to policymakers, community stakeholders, and others who are addressing economic, social and political disruptions, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a fair and just recovery for the most impacted communities.

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