CNK’s COVID-19 Equity Research Initiative initially started as a pro bono effort in response to the pandemic crisis. The Initiative’s early efforts have empirically and quantitatively examined the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on people and neighborhoods. Newer efforts focus on research to inform a just recovery.

The analyses are anchored in our conceptual and theoretical model of the web of institutionalized inequality. The Initiative explicitly focuses on systematic and systemic racial and class inequalities. The goal is to develop insights that will be used to develop a just and fair recovery. The research draws on multiple data sources (census, surveys, administrative records, “big data”, etc.). One of the Initiative’s objectives is to produce timely research briefs, publicly accessible data, and mapping tools, to inform public discussion on critical policy issues.

We would like to thank all of our partners who make our work at CNK possible, including our UCLA partners, affiliated experts, local government, and funders who support our mission to fight for justice and equity during these challenging circumstances.

Community-Based Organizations and Nonprofits

  • Asian Business Association
  • Faith in the Valley
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County
  • Public Counsel
  • Reinvent South Stockton Coalition
  • Strategic Actions for a Just Economy


  • City of Los Angeles
  • City of San Jose

UCLA Partners

  • UCLA American Indian Studies Center
  • UCLA Asian American Studies Center
  • UCLA BRITE Center for Science, Research, and Policy
  • UCLA Center for Health Policy Research
  • UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
  • UCLA Health
  • UCLA Institute on Inequality and Democracy 
  • UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies
  • UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative
  • UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
  • UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

Other Partners

  • California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Center
  • Center for Economic Forecasting and Development at UC Riverside
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Department of Urban Planning and Public Policy at UC Irvine
  • Department of Economics at San Francisco State of University
  • Department of Economics and Statistics at Cal State LA
  • Department of Economics at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Urban Displacement Project at UC Berkeley