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Asian American Businesses: The Impacts of Anti-Asian Racism, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had enormous economic and social impacts. The pandemic also created social problems, particularly the rise of anti-Asian hate. Restaurants and shops in Chinatown were among the first to feel the effects, with owners witnessing a decline as early as February 2020. The origins of the pandemic and anti-Asian racism were very […]

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Keeping the Stove On: COVID-19 and Utility Debt

New research from UCLA Luskin collaborators finds that gas bill debt—unpaid bills for heating and cooking gas—is unevenly distributed among many Californians. The report, co-authored by the Center for Neighborhood Knowledge in partnership with the Latino Policy and Politics Initiative (LPPI) and the Luskin Center for Innovation, highlights the extent and consequences of this debt. […]

Asian American Businesses: Identifying Gaps and Supporting Recovery 2021

A majority of Asian American-owned businesses in Southern California faced financial losses, closures, and staff reductions during the pandemic, and many of those struggled to access state, federal, or local aid, our new policy brief with the Asian Business Association of Los Angeles and the UCLA Asian American Studies Center reveals. The brief focused on the ABA […]

The Lens: HIV Prevalence and COVID-19 Vulnerabilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has renewed concerns about social and structural factors related to health disparities, including those related to HIV. As a partial response to an urgent need to understand whether elevated risk of COVID-19 disease and mortality among persons living with HIV (PLWH) results from related risk behaviors, a higher burden of comorbidities, and/or […]

Keeping the Lights and Heat On: COVID-19 Utility Debt

In collaboration with the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, this new CNK brief analzyes household utility debt burden as another measure of the economic pressure facing low-income neighborhoods, with an emphasis on the impacts on racial equity.  Utility debt burden in this brief is defined as the share of households in arrears (i.e., with past-due […]

The COVID-19 Pandemic Housing Crisis: Identifying Owner-Vulnerable Neighborhoods in California

The COVID-19 pandemic has had enormous economic impacts, including creating financial difficulties for many homeowners. While foreclosures have been lower during the public health crisis, primarily due to the current moratorium in place, many homeowners are still receiving pre-foreclosure notices with a disproportionate share going to disadvantaged communities. Many analysts and housing advocates fear that […]