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Beyond Redlining: HOLC Spaces Development in Los Angeles County

CNK Director Paul Ong and researchers recently published a research project at the UCLA Ziman Real Estate, through the Rosalinde and Gilbert Research Program. The project explores the legacy of the Home Owners Loan Corporation’s (HOLC) redlining practices on urban development in the context of Los Angeles. The project draws upon multiple data sources to compare the […]

Redevelopment and displacement in Stockton’s first Asian enclaves

CNK Director Paul Ong and researchers was recently featured in a Zocalo article regarding the displacement of original Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino enclaves in Stockton, California, due to urban redevelopments. During the 1960s and ‘70s, the West End Redevelopment Project and CalTrans’ construction of Crosstown Freeway or State Route 4, tore down the vibrant and […]

Ong on Lack of Socioeconomic Mobility in South L.A.

CNK Director Paul Ong was featured in a Los Angeles Times article about long-standing barriers to socioeconomic mobility in South Los Angeles. For decades, residents of South Los Angeles have faced a lack of employment opportunities, housing and labor discrimination, and subpar education access. “If you look overall and compare it over a half-century, it’s […]

Pandemic Perpetuates Economic Inequality, Ong Finds

CNK Director Paul Ong spoke to USA Today about the impact of the pandemic on economic mobility and prosperity, particularly within communities of color. According to data from the Census Bureau, economic prospects improved for Americans across racial and ethnic demographics in the second half of the 2010s, but the pandemic halted much of that […]

Asian population overcount masks community nuances

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s report card on how accurately it counted the U.S. population in 2020, it showed that Asians were overcounted at a higher rate than any other group. White residents were overcounted by 0.6%, and white residents who aren’t Hispanic were overcounted by 1.6%. The Black population was undercounted by 3.3%, those […]

Housing crisis, pandemic reshaping Southern California population

CNK Director Paul Ong spoke to the Riverside Press-Enterprise about demographic shifts in Southern California as a result of the pandemic and the affordable housing crisis. The population of Los Angeles County has been declining for years as part of a statewide mass migration from coastal to inland counties and into other states. The pandemic […]

Ong on Reforms to Uphold Census Integrity

CNK Director Paul Ong recently spoke to the Associated Press about ways to address flaws in how the U.S. Census is conducted. The Census Bureau found that Black, Hispanic, American Indian, and other minority residents were undercounted at greater rates in 2020 than in the previous decade, prompting discussion about ways to better measure changes in the U.S. population. […]