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How COVID-19 Continues to Affect Small Businesses in Los Angeles

COVID-19 has hit small businesses hard in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Independent bookstores like Vroman’s in Pasadena and Chevalier’s Books in Larchmont Village – longtime fixtures in their neighborhoods that are on the brink of closure. Thankfully, customers have been rallying to their cause but mom and pop shops and eateries everywhere are on […]

The Los Angeles we love is dying in 2020. We must fight to save it

A recently published Los Angeles Time article featured ongoing research by CNK affiliates, centering on the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Specifically, businesses in ethnic enclaves and neighborhoods have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. “On average, businesses in ethnic neighborhoods … are not faring as well,” […]

U.S. Census deadline hangs in limbo

Adding to the long list of things affected by the pandemic is the U.S. Census. This year, Census officials said that they would not be able to do an accurate count by the December 31 deadline, so they asked Congress for an extension. However, the Trump administration turned around and ordered the count to stop […]

UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge Develops Online Anti-Racism Hub Focusing on Asian Americans

A new website known as the Movement Hub was developed by the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge (CNK) to serve as a centralized platform to amplify on-the-ground activism and organizing by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. The website offers resources for and by AAPI organizations to promote cross-racial unity. “It’s our hope that this site […]

California Neighborhoods and COVID-19 Vulnerabilities

Released earlier today, this new report by CNK consists of a series of policy briefs covering the social and economic impacts of COVID-19 on neighborhoods throughout California. It focuses on constructing census-tract level indicators to identify vulnerable neighborhoods along five dimensions of vulnerability described in the following text. We have partnered with the Public Health Alliance of Southern […]

‘Overlooked’: Asian American Jobless Rate Surges But Few Take Notice

UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge was recently featured in a news article detailing how the coronavirus pandemic is taking a heavy economic toll on Asian American communities. Patrons refuse to buy from Asian-owned businesses, as racial and economic discrimination has intensified during COVID-19, becoming evident with comments from President Donald Trump referring to the pandemic […]

UCLA Economic Letter for September 2020

The UCLA Economic Letter is the monthly communication of the UCLA Anderson Forecast and the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. The Letter, sponsored by the Ziman Center’s UCLA Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Program in Real Estate, Finance and Urban Economics, provides new insights into the major economic and real estate concerns of the day in a […]