NEW: Prototype Transportation Disparities Mapping Tool

A recently released prototype mapping tool developed by the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge (CNK) in partnership with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) allows users to better understand transportation disparities and built environment-related determinants of health in California. The tool includes California’s major indicators of transportation disparities– clean private vehicle ownership, public transit, active transportation, and transportation networks– as well as multiple built environment determinants of health. 

This tool provides useful indicators for CARB and other organizations to help fulfill state mandates related to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental justice, and to evaluate progress towards a more sustainable and environmentally just future. The user guide outlines how to use the tool as well as case examples. 

This tool is a broad component of larger initiatives within the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which is mandated to assess progress toward climate goals. CARB aims to ensure all segments of society benefit from California’s climate agenda, including disadvantaged communities, in order to influence historical disparities in environmental justice and equity.

Access a prototype of the mapping tool here, as well as the draft user guide here.

The development and dissemination of this project was supported in part by the California Initiative for Health Equity and Action.

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