US Census Response Rates on American Indian Reservations in the 2020 Census and in the 2010 Census

New research by CNK Director, Paul Ong, with Professors Randall Akee and Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear examine the American Indian tribal reservation 2020 Census self-response data and compare it to the 2010 self-response rate. They show that: Only seven tribal reservations have response rates greater than the current national average of 60% response (they are above the […]

At-Risk Workers of Covid-19 by Neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area

As many other urban areas, the San Francisco Bay Area faces unprecedented social and economic disruptions due to the spread of COVID-19. Our new research brief with Professor Don Mar and Ong & Associates examines the location, racial-ethnic composition, immigrant composition, and socioeconomic circumstances of workers in two sectors highly impacted by COVID-19 related closures: […]

Parts of L.A. Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Also Among Those Where Census Response Lags 2010

Parts of L.A. Hit Hardest by COVID-19 Also Among Those Where Census Response Lags 2010UCLA analysis shows ‘extreme undercount’ shaping up in low-income and minority neighborhoods May 12, 2020 By Les Dunseith An analysis by UCLA researchers has found that many of the areas in Los Angeles County with the lowest response rates to the […]

Los Angeles County 2020 Census Response Rate Falling Behind

Our second research report in our 2020 Census series, in partnership with the public interest firm Ong & Associates, shows Los Angeles County is facing the unprecedented challenge of completing the 2020 census enumeration, the once in a decade effort to count every American for critically important political, economic and social reasons. On April 30, […]

L.A.’s COVID-19 Economic Crisis: Renter Vulnerability Index

Los Angeles County has nearly two-thirds of a million residents living in low-income renter households that are one paycheck away from being unable to cover their monthly housing cost. The workers in these households are at high risk of losing their jobs because of the COVID-19 crisis, placing them and their family in imminent danger […]

Participation in 2020 U.S. Census Is Falling Behind

New analysis shows the current rate of response is at least 11 percentage points lower than in 2010 The national response rate to the U.S. Census is lagging well behind where it was at a similar point a decade ago, according to an analysis spearheaded by Paul Ong, research professor and director of the UCLA […]