In California, It Will Take More than a Parade to Save an Imperiled Census

On August 9, a New York Times article was released detailing the difficulties to come with ensuring that hard-to-reach communities are counted in the U.S. Census 2020. The article references work done by CNK focusing on census participation and reaching out to the most vulnerable populations to ensure they are counted and given the resources they need.

The Census Bureau announced on Monday last week that it will halt counting on September 30, four weeks earlier than planned, cutting short door-knocking, which begins nationwide on Aug. 11, and the time people have to submit responses online, over the phone and by mail.

“We will have a flawed census that will be fatal to certain groups,” said Professor Paul Ong, who studies census participation and has served as an adviser to the Census Bureau.

Read the full article here >>> In California, It will Take More than a Parade to Save an Imperiled Census

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