Inequality and COVID-19 Food Insecurity

UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge released a new report on how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated preexisting food insecurity issues and inequalities. Although other research studies have documented an initial increase in food security during the pandemic, the researchers here (Tom Larson, Paul M. Ong, Don Mar, and James H. Peoples Jr.) found a continuing rise in food insecurity.

The study analyzed data from the US Census Household Pulse Survey (HPS) covering 13 weeks from April 23rd to July 21st to assess patterns of inequality and systemic disparities brought on by the pandemic. The results affirm how the impacts are disproportionate among children, African American, and Latinx populations, while also affecting White middle-class families, and offering policy solutions and strategies to address this growing food insecurity crisis.

Access the full report here >>> Inequality and COVID-19 Food Insecurity

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