Andrew Yang: Helping Biden win could be Asian American ‘political awakening’

“We get out in force and help Joe and Kamala win, this could be the major political awakening that Asian Americans have been waiting for a generation or more,” Yang said.

UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge was recently featured in an NBC news article covering how the November election could be pivotal for politicizing the Asian American community toward more frequent civic engagement and participation in the future. Past research done by CNK was referenced in highlighting the reality that Asian Americans are too targets of racial and economic discrimination and oppression, as illuminated and intensified by the coronavirus pandemic.

“These phenomena are forcing many Asian Americans to recognize systemic racism, and in turn, be willing to take stronger political stances,” CNK Director Paul Ong said. “And they cannot ignore that President Trump is a driver of the anti-Asian narrative. That translates into the majority Asian American support for Biden and Harris.”

For full coverage, access the article here >>> Andrew Yang: Helping Biden win could be Asian American ‘political awakening’

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